For Residential

Brice IT Services can help with the following list of computer issues so you can go back to emailing your friends, posting photos on facebook, and other everyday use of your computer. There is a No Fix – No fee policy.

  • Hardware upgrades – Making your computer faster so you can take advantage of more powerful software, adding more memory, replacing your graphics card, or upgrading your CPU. This is charged at £30 per hour (not including parts).
  • Internet issues -Problem accessing the internet? Need help setting up a Wi-fi network? We can help in diagnosing how to fix them. This service is charged at £30 per hour.
  • Virus, Spyware and Malware Removal – If your PC starts getting popups, crashing or freezing; your internet homepage keeps changing; or your computer runs slower and slower, then it most likely has an infection, which we can remove or clean. This service is charged at a flat rate of £60.
  • PC Health Check – Is your Computer running slow or crashing? Then your PC needs a heath check just like a car needs a MOT every year. This consists of removal of unnecessary programs, temporary files, making registry tweaks, and runing scans to check for viruses and spyware. This is charged at a flat rate of £60 per hour.

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